Cortus Energy AB and Landwärme GmbH join REGATEC 2015 as Silver Sponsors

Cortus Energy AB provides the process- and power industries with an environmentally sound and cost effective energy alternative through the unique and patented WoodRoll® process for thermal gasification of biomass.

Landwärme GmbH is active as project developer, biomethane supplier and service provider throughout Germany and as an international biomethane trader. Together with biogas producers, Landwärme develops tailor-made biomethane projects.

Bioenergy International new exhibitor at REGATEC 2015

Bioenergy International

Bioenergy International is an English language subscription based trade publication focused on the biomass to energy value chain; solid, liquid or gas. Taking a holistic view it features biomass production and collection systems, biomass refining and processing technologies, biomass storage and transportation systems and biomass utilization technologies.
Bioenergy International comes out 7 times a year and each issue is packed with hands-on coverage from the field, forest, laboratory, project, plant, event or process. Editorial priority is given to “doers” from around the world providing an insight into the what, where, when, who, why and how.
Founded in 2001 and in print ever since Bioenergy International is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is owned by SBSAB, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio.