VTT new exhibitor at REGATEC 2016

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. VTT has extensive experience on biomass gasification and gas cleaning. Besides being an exhibitor, Johanna Kihlman from VTT will present a poster entitled “Washcoated heat exchanger reactors for CO2 methanation”.

The Governor of Scania and the President of the European Biogas Association will open REGATEC 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Governor of Scania, Margareta Pålsson will do us the honour and open the conference followed by a presentation by the president of the European Biogas Association, Dr. Jan Stambasky

Margareta PålssonThe Governor of Scania, Margareta Pålsson






Dr. Jan StambaskyThe President of the European Biogas Association, Dr. Jan Stambasky

Pentair Haffmans and BTS Biogas new exhibitors

Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology based on membrane separation in combination with a cryogenic system recovers 100% of the CH4, completely eliminates the harmfull ‘methane slip’ and CO2 as by-product can be recovered for use in a variety of applications.

BTS Biogas is the largest provider of biogas plants in Italy and is a pioneer in this sector. BTS Biogas is a supplier of two biogas upgrading technologies, bioMETANM based on membrane separation and bioMETANW based on water scrubbing.

WARNING!!! Hotel scam!!!

Dear all,

it seems like someone tries to scam REGATEC 2016 participants by calling them and sat that they are from Scandic triangeln and that they can give a better hotel price.

This is a SCAM! Don’t give away any credit card details under any circumstances!

Jörgen Held
REGATEC 2016 co-organizer

Yara AB new exhibitor

Yara is a supplier of solutions for agriculture and the environment. Yara’s Biogas Production Optimizer increases the efficiency of biogas production. The bacteria are given higher accessibility to the carbon sources in the substrate, thus accelerating and optimizing the conversion of substrates into biogas. The result is an increased methane concentration in the biogas, and therefore a higher energy content.