Network Plus – REGATEC 2016

REGATEC 2016 will be the first edition of the conference offering the possibilities for scheduled B2B meetings. The meetings take place during one hour (17:00-18:00) on the 10th of May under the name of Network Plus. Participation is optional but requires signing up in advance.

The procedure contains of three steps

  • An invitation where you have to sign up for Network Plus by giving some info on your background and the type of experts you want to meet. The invitation was sent out on the 21st of April.
  • Selection of the conference delegates you want to meet from the list of participants who have signed up for the Network Plus.
  • The Network Plus coordinator puts together a schedule of meetings based on your requests and by matching backgrounds and interests

For you who have signed up for Network Plus there will be tables available in Learning 1 & 2 just beside the exhibition for short face-to-face meetings. Each meeting is expected to last approx. 8-10 minutes giving you the possibility to talk to 6-8 people. If you haven’t got an invitation it may depend on the following reasons

  • You registered after the deadline, 15th of April
  • Your e-mail was not given during registration
  • The invitation was filtered out by your SPAM programme

Westport new exhibitor

Westport engineers advanced natural gas engines and vehicles. They work with OEMs worldwide from design through to production, creating products that will reduce both emissions and fuel costs. This includes solutions for heavy-duty vehicles such as Westport High Pressure Direct Injection (Westport™ HPDI) technology as well as systems like those used in Volvo Car’s Bi-Fuel vehicles. All are capable of running on CNG or LNG, biomethane or a mix of the two.

REGATEC delegates participate for free in the BIOSURF Workshop 12th of May

REGATEC 2016 delegates have the opportunity to participate for free in the BIOSURF Workshop taking place 12th of May at Scandic Triangeln, Malmö, Sweden (the same venue as for REGATEC 2016).

BIOSURF is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

The objective of BIOSURF (BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel) is to increase the production and use of biomethane (from animal waste, other waste materials and sustainable biomass), for grid injection and as transport fuel, by removing non-technical barriers and by paving the way towards a European biomethane market.

See the BIOSUF Workshop agenda.


SmaRTGas new gold sponsor

The SmaRTGas Network has the ambition to build up the world’s largest innovation cluster on small scale thermochemical conversion of biomass/waste to biomethane. The Network comprises 28 partners from 12 countries conducting cutting-edge R&D within biomass gasification, pyrolysis, gas cleaning and methanation as well as stakeholders interested in the business opportunities offered by small scale bioSNG production.

Following have committed themeselves to participate in, and co-finance the SmaRTGas Innovation Cluster:

Prof. Hermann Hofbauer, Vienna University of Technology
Prof. Thomas Kienberger, Montanuniversität Leoben
Prof. Frank Scholwin, CEO Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy
Prof. Hartmut Spliethoff and Dipl.Ing Sebastian Fendt, Institute for Energy Systems, Technische Universität München
Dr. Reinhard Seiser, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego
Dr. Stefan Rönsch, team leader syngas technologies, Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum, DBFZ.
Prof. Henrik Thunman, Department of Energy and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology.
Dr. Pekka Simell, Principal Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
Dipl.-Ing. Tim Schulzke, Group Manager Thermochemical Processes and Hydrocarbons, Fraunhofer UMSICHT.
Prof. Marcus Öhman, Head of Division of Energy Science, Luleå University of Technology.
Dr. Serge Biollaz, Head of Thermal Process Engineering Group, Paul Scherrer Institute.
Dr. York Neubauer, Head of research group TCKON, Department of Energy Engineering, Technische Universität Berlin
Prof. Klas Engvall, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Royal Institute of Technology.
Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy AB.
Dr. Jan Stambasky, President European Biogas Association.
Dr. Ülo Kask, Head of the Board, Estonian Biomass Association.
Edson Ng, Principal, G4 Insights Inc. Canada.
Dr. Sigitas Rimkevicius, Director of Lithuanian Energy Institute.
Prof. Jaap Kiel, Program Development Manager Biomass, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
Tea Varrak, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Internationalization, Tallinn University of Technology
Prof. Jacek Wankowicz, Director of Institute of Power Engineering, Poland
Prof. Jürgen Karl, the Chair for Energy Process Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Anders Persson, CEO SYSAV Utveckling AB
Fredrik Olrog, CEO OX2 Bio AB
Dr. Niels Bjarne Rasmussen, Danish Gas Technology Centre
Prof. Xue-Song Bai, Lund University
Torbjörn Nilsson, CEO AB Gas & Värmeteknik
Dr. Jörgen Held, CEO Renewable Energy Technology International AB

MBP Solutions Ltd. new exhibitor

MBP provides services of by-product collection to a number of industries. The by-products are mainly in the fats and oil category, but solids and powders are also handled as long as the supplier industry is handling biological raw material.

MBP provides a range of substrates for biogas processing plants, also known as anaerobic digestion plants. The substrates originate from food/feed- or oleo chemical producers where they are generated as inevitable by-products. The by-products are valued as extra feedstock for the biogas plants with high biogas generating potential.