Spanner Re2 GmbH new Silver Sponsor and exhibitor

Spanner Re2 GmbH manufactures and markets cogeneration systems for power and heat production based on gasification of wood chips. The product portfolio includes the HKA 10 system with a capacity of 9 kW power and 25 kW of heat, the HV30-V1.1 with a nominal capacity of 30 kW of power and 73 kW of heat and the HV45-V1.1 with a nominal capacity of 45 kW of power and 108 kW of heat.

Landwärme GmbH signs up as a REGATEC 2017 Silver Sponsor

Together with biogas producers, Landwärme GmbH develops tailor-made projects to feed upgraded biogas into the natural gas network. Landwärme GmbH supports all phases of project realization, from planning to approval processes to construction and commissioning.
Landwärme GmbH has a trading portfolio of more than 2 TWh biomethane, and more than 60 suppliers who are able to supply public utilities, cogeneration plants, energy suppliers or gas stations with different biomethane quantities and qualities according to the need.
Whether as a general contractor or as a single consultancy “behind the scenes”: Landwärme GmbH offers services along the entire value chain.

Electrochaea GmbH exhibits at REGATEC 2017

Electrochaea’s mission is to integrate fluctuating renewables into the electricity grid by means of Power-to-gas technology. Electrochaea employs a patented biocatalyst to convert low-cost and stranded electricity and carbon dioxide into pipeline-grade renewable gas. This gas can be directly injected into the existing natural gas grid.

ENEA has granted REGATEC 2017 patronage

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development, ENEA, has granted REGATEC 2017 patronage because of the relevance of the issue addressed.

REGATEC 2017 relvoves around renewable methane of a quality suitable as vehicle fuel or for grid injection. We are pleased that ENEA has chosen to support REGATEC 2017 especially since Italy is the leading NGV country in Europe, with a well developed biogas sector and strong ambitions to increase the share of biomethane in the transportation sector.

Cortus Energy new Gold Sponsor and exhibitor

Cortus Energy provides cost effective renewable energy gas solutions for industrial, transport and power applications based upon the patented WoodRoll® technology. WoodRoll® is a breakthrough technology for gasifying biomass that utilizes low grade feedstock to generate a clean and energy rich syngas that enables efficient upgrading to SNG (biomethane).

Puregas Solutions exhibits at REGATEC 2017

Puregas Solutions deliver turnkey biogas upgrading solutions based on chemical scrubbing. The CApure process recovers >99.9% of the available methane in the raw biogas, maximising the biomethane yield whether for renewable natural gas, grid injection, CNG for vehicle fuelling, virtual pipelines or bioLNG.

DH Industries BV and Stirling Cryogenics exhibit at REGATEC 2017

DH Industries BV and Stirling Cryogenics will exhibit at REGATEC for the fourth year in a row. DH Industries is an experienced cryogenic service provider, specialized in stand-alone cryogenerators and closed-loop cooling systems for on-site liquefaction of gases such as nitrogen and methane. DH Industries markets two brands, Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone.

Malmberg signs up as a REGATEC 2017 Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor

Malmberg is a Swedish cleantech company with complete solutions in the fields of water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling.

For the biogas business area Malmberg covers all aspects in biogas upgrading meaning process and mechanical expertise in converting low grade biogas to high grade biomethane energy output. Expertise includes gas to grid injection and vehicle fuel filling station technology.

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