REGATEC 2017 highlighted in Biogas Informa

Biogas Informa is a bilingual Italian/English magazine uploaded on the webpage of Consorzio Italiano Biogas e Gassificazione (CIB) and sent printed to the CIB network (approx. 3.000 copies).

The Biogas Informa nr 20 issue featured an article on REGATEC 2017 and a short description of two Power-to-gas projects presented at REGATEC 2017 namely, SOLETAIR and HELMETH.

Chartered bus Verona Airport – REGATEC

We are happy to announce that there will be a bus going from Verona Airport to Parchi del Garda on the 22nd of May, and back on the 23rd of May.

Time table 22nd May
10:00 Pescheira del Garda train station -> REGATEC (arrive approx. 10:15)
11:00 Verona Airport -> REGATEC (arrive approx. 11:30)

Time table 23rd May
17:30 REGATEC -> Verona Airport (arrive approx. 18:00)
18:00 Verona Airport -> Pescheira del Garda train station (arrive approx. 18:30)

The bus will carry a REGATEC sign (the REGATEC 2017 logotype).

Network Plus 2017

Note that the deadline for signing up for Network Plus was 21st of April.

What is Network Plus?
During the Network Plus session on May 22nd there will be one hour (17:00 – 18:00) dedicated to a large number of one-to-one business meetings. It’s optional to participate but a good opportunity to meet with your peers. We have organized meeting points, where you have the chance to meet. You will meet participants based on your request and participants who have requested to meet you. Each meeting will be about 8-10 minutes long, so please concentrate on a short introduction (one minute each) to give time for your discussion and questions!

The meeting point (table) will be marked with a number, which corresponds to the meeting list.

There will be five or six rounds for discussions, so it is important to keep your eye on the time and – if not finished in time – please make an appointment for the evening or the next morning. Each round will start with an acoustic signal, an acoustic signal will be given one minute before the round ends and a further acoustic signal will mark the end of the round to give you the signal to go to your next meeting table.

What do you have to do practically and when?
·         Send us up to five contact wishes (based on the PDF circulated among the Network Plus participants) by Wednesday, May 3rd 2017.

·         You will get a list of your personal meetings for Network Plus at the registration desk at the REGATEC 2017 conference upon your arrival. There you will find all necessary information – which table you shall be at, what time, and who you will meet during Network Plus.

·         Be in the Network Plus area (Benacus and Rocca) on May 22nd and go at the designated time to the meeting point/table indicated in your personal meeting list.