Chartered bus Verona Airport – REGATEC

We are happy to announce that there will be a bus going from Verona Airport to Parchi del Garda on the 22nd of May, and back on the 23rd of May.

Time table 22nd May
10:00 Pescheira del Garda train station -> REGATEC (arrive approx. 10:15)
11:00 Verona Airport -> REGATEC (arrive approx. 11:30)

Time table 23rd May
17:30 REGATEC -> Verona Airport (arrive approx. 18:00)
18:00 Verona Airport -> Pescheira del Garda train station (arrive approx. 18:30)

The bus will carry a REGATEC sign (the REGATEC 2017 logotype).