Due to several last minute high quality submissions the poster session has been expanded to accomodate 41 posters. A short extended abstract of each poster will be published in the REGATEC 2016 conference proceedings. Besides the scientific quality and industrial relevance REGATEC strives to get a good international mix of poster presenters and at the same time respect the gender equality.


  • Anaerobic digestion, gas cleaning and upgrading
  • Cryogenic upgrading and/or liquefaction
  • Biomass gasification, syngas cleaning, methanation and CHP
  • Power-to-gas

The reduced conference fee for approved poster presenters is 290 € and valid for one author per poster.

Methanation of CO2: Structural response of Ni-based catalysts under dynamic reaction conditions unraveled by operando spectroscopy.
Benjamin Mutz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

PtG without electrolysis: Hydrogen production from renewable sources in the natural gas grid by partial reforming.
Katarina Großmann, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

Biological methanation: Specific product yield under various process conditions.
Oliver Jochum, Fraunhofer Institut UMSICHT, Germany.

High efficiency PSA upgrading technology.
Oliver Jende, ETW Energietechnik GmbH, Germany.

Process monitoring of up flow sludge blanket reactor in the starch manufacturing industry for enhanced biogas production.
Jowin Joseph, Paramesu Biotech Pvt Ltd, India.

Methane formation potential of cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum).
Nicola Haag, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Development of analytical and sampling methods to meet the quality requirements for biomethane defined by the new European standards.
Karine Arrhenius, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Thermo-economic evaluation of medium-scale integrated biogas, biomass
gasification and solid oxide fuel cell system
Stephan Herrmann, Technische Universität München, Germany.

Underpinning green energy: Traceable reference standards and methods for the measurement of total silicon in biogas.
Lucy Culleton, National Physical Laboratory, UK.

Effects of high-pressure anaerobic digestion up to 30 bar on pH-value, solubility of CO2 and specific methane yield.
Wolfgang Merkle, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

From Field to Ferry – Biogas for LBG to new ferry on the island of Samsoe.
Knud Tybirk, Samsø Kommune, Denmark.

Tuff-based Biogas Upgrading for Biomethane production.
Valerio Paolini, National Research Council of Italy.

Increasing Social Awareness and Acceptance of biogas and biomethane.
Claudia Rossi, AzzeroCO2, Italy.

Pyrolysis of nutrient rich raw materials and opportunities for further upgrading.
Saija Rasi, Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Biogas cleaning – H2S scrubbing and biooxidation.
Dana Pokorna, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic.

Renewable gas in the grid – Challenges in heating value determination and policies.
Laura Malek, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Centrifugation for handling emulsions in biomass steam gasification product gas scrubbers.
Robert Bardolf, Technische Universität Wien, Austria.

Novel two-stage downdraft gasifier for production of clean syngas for industrial applications.
Alexandre Bacq, Xylowatt s.a., Belgium.

Impact of Calcium Nitrate on Anaerobic Digestion Systems.
Wolfram Franke, Yara International ASA, Norway.

Experimental Investigation of the Gasification of HTC Biocoal in a 100 kW Air-Blown Entrained-Flow Reactor.
Ludwig Briesemeister, Technische Universität München, Germany.

Software for biogas research: easy, accurate, and repeatable data processing and predictions.
Sasha Hafner, University of Southern Denmark.

Optimization of catalyst activation for low temperature methanation.
Michael Schlüter, Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum DBFZ, Germany.

Utilization of biogas in micro gas turbine CHP installations: Experimental and theoretical investigation.
Homam Nikpey Somehsaraei, University of Stavanger, Norway.

Biomethanation – From lab scale to utility scale.
Markus Forstmeier, Electrochaea GmbH, Germany.

Methanation-enhanced gasification – Maximizing the biomass to SNG conversion efficiency.
Gebhard Waizmann, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Modeling and Control of Tar Reduction in Biomass Gasification Processes
based on on-line Tar Measurements
Stephan Risse, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.

Synergistic effect of the combined use of CO2 and H2O as gasifying agent in catalyzed oxyfuel fluidized-bed gasification of woody biomass.
Michal Jeremias, Cranfield University, UK.

GasBooster- new technology concept significantly improves biogas yields
from manure fibres
Bjørn Malmgren-Hansen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark.

Optimum process temperature for co-digestion of food waste from households and industry.
Irene Bohn, OX2 Bio Produktion AB, Sweden.

Washcoated heat exchanger reactors for CO2 methanation.
Johanna Kihlmann, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland.

Multivariate monitoring based on the biogas composition of biomethanation reactors submitted to organic overload and ammonia intoxication.
Sebastien Lemaigre, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg.

Energy extraction from a methane gas flow by the Stirling Cycle to produce bio-LNG
Francesco Dioguardi, DH Industries BV, the Netherlands.

Liquid Bio Methane – Integrated membrane gas treatment & liquefaction
Jerom van Roosmalen, Osomo Projects BV.

Integration of power-to-gas plants into local energy concepts
Florian Rüsch Pfund, ZHAW, Switzerland.

Development and system analysis of novel concepts for production, distribution and use of liquefied biogas
Johan Andersson, JTI Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden.

Adsorbents for small and medium scale biogas upgrading
Petr Vasiliev, NeoZeo AB, Sweden.

Power-to-Gas and carbon capture integration strategies in an electrochemical industry
Manuel Bailera Martin, Fundación CIRCE, Spain.

Dynamic modelling of laboratory biogas reactors for process state evaluation Karen Fronk, University of Applied Science Harz, Germany.

A study on the anaerobic co-digestion of slaughterhouse wastes, poultry manure and rice husk
John Chibuzo Iyioke, Petroleum Training Institute, Nigeria.

Use of alkaline fish glycerine and spent bleaching earth from omega-3 oil refining for biogas production
Nicolas Marino Proietti, ReSource International ehf., Iceland.

Food2Waste2Food – closing the local nutrients loop while processing waste into food and supply renewable methane
Ketil Stoknes, Lindum AS, Norway.