Yara AB new exhibitor

Yara is a supplier of solutions for agriculture and the environment. Yara’s Biogas Production Optimizer increases the efficiency of biogas production. The bacteria are given higher accessibility to the carbon sources in the substrate, thus accelerating and optimizing the conversion of substrates into biogas. The result is an increased methane concentration in the biogas, and therefore a higher energy content.


GDF Suez new exhibitor

GDF Suez, now part of the ENGIE Group, signed up as an exhibitor at REGATEC 2015.

The ENGIE Group offers high-performance, innovative solutions to personal customers, urban authorities and companies, with a diverse portfolio of gas supply options, a flexible low-COemissions power generating base, and unique expertise in four key sectors: independent power generation, liquefied natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

European Biogas Association new exhibitor

Founded in February 2009, EBA is the leading European association in the field of biogas. Committed to the active promotion of the deployment of sustainable biogas production and use throughout Europe, EBA has created a perfect network of established national organisations, scientific institutes and companies. In 2014, the association counted around 70 members from all over Europe and had established co-operation with biogas associations from outside Europe.

Production of sustainable renewable methane is a core topic at REGATEC 2015 and we are happy to welcome European Biogas Association as an exhibitor.

Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd new exhibitor

CO2 capture technology developed by Carbon Clean Solutions consists of advanced solvent, novel process equipments and unique heat integration technique to address the challenges of high energy penalty and high solvent loss.

Biogas cleaning and upgrading are core topics at REGATEC 2015 and we are happy to welcome Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd as an exhibitor.