Bioprocess Control exhibits at REGATEC 2015

Bioprocess Control is active in the area of advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry.

With product export to more than 35 countries the Automatic Methane Potential test System (AMPTS) for biochemical methane potential tests is the flagship product.

Schmack Carbotech GmbH new Gold Sponsor and exhibitor

Carbotech is a pioneer in Europe when it comes to the cleaning and upgrading of biogas and one of the leading suppliers of complete biogas to grid injection systems. The company has been actively engaged in the biogas industry for more than 30 years and is the supplier of the patented pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process developed by Carbotech.

TNO new sponsor and exhibitor

TNO is Netherlands organisation for applied scientific reserach. The TNO mission is to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society.

Dr. Marco Linders, TNO will give a presentation on research to improve biogas cleaning & upgrading for realisation in practice.

ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH new exhibitor

ERK Eckrohrkessel Gmbh is an engineering company from Berlin, Germany and the development of new and more efficient approaches for the gasification process is a vital part of their portfolio. During the last years they designed together with their licensees gasification power plants for various fuels (biomass, RDF), and they will share their gathered knowledge at REGATEC 2014 as an exhibitor.