Network Plus 2017

Note that the deadline for signing up for Network Plus was 21st of April.

What is Network Plus?
During the Network Plus session on May 22nd there will be one hour (17:00 – 18:00) dedicated to a large number of one-to-one business meetings. It’s optional to participate but a good opportunity to meet with your peers. We have organized meeting points, where you have the chance to meet. You will meet participants based on your request and participants who have requested to meet you. Each meeting will be about 8-10 minutes long, so please concentrate on a short introduction (one minute each) to give time for your discussion and questions!

The meeting point (table) will be marked with a number, which corresponds to the meeting list.

There will be five or six rounds for discussions, so it is important to keep your eye on the time and – if not finished in time – please make an appointment for the evening or the next morning. Each round will start with an acoustic signal, an acoustic signal will be given one minute before the round ends and a further acoustic signal will mark the end of the round to give you the signal to go to your next meeting table.

What do you have to do practically and when?
·         Send us up to five contact wishes (based on the PDF circulated among the Network Plus participants) by Wednesday, May 3rd 2017.

·         You will get a list of your personal meetings for Network Plus at the registration desk at the REGATEC 2017 conference upon your arrival. There you will find all necessary information – which table you shall be at, what time, and who you will meet during Network Plus.

·         Be in the Network Plus area (Benacus and Rocca) on May 22nd and go at the designated time to the meeting point/table indicated in your personal meeting list.


The REGATEC 2017 registration is open

The Network Plus activities (scheduled B2B meetings) in REGATEC 2016 was a success. We have now included Network Plus in the online registration in order to optimize the administration. When you register you will automatically sign up for Network Plus unless you decline it. See for more details.

The REGATEC 2017 online registration is now officially open.

A snapshot of interesting Network Plus discussions at REGATEC 2016.


The REGATEC evaluation

47 participants took the opportunity to give feedback through the REGATEC evaluation form.

The grades were 1=Very bad, 2=Poor, 3=OK, 4=Good, 5=Very good, 6=Excellent. In the table below, the columns show the number of people giving a certain grade. The average grade is shown in the right most column.

 Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6
Very bad Poor OK Good Very good Excellent Average
Location  –  – 1 3 23 20 5,32
Organization and registration  –  – 1 2 18 26 5,47
Scientific content  –  – 7 13 21 6 4,55
Industrial perspective  –  – 4 19 15 9 4,62
Networking possibilities  –  – 3 6 18 20 5,17
Poster session  – 8 17 14 5 4,36
Exhibition  – 1 3 15 20 5 4,57
Dinner  –  – 2 7 18 16 5,12
Overall impression  –  – 1 3 27 14 5,20

We are pleased that the Location, Organization and registration, Networking possibilities, Dinner and Overall impression in average are between Very good and Excellent.

There is a contradiction between scientific level and industrial relevance but we interpret the result as the conference actually is quite well balanced.

The poster session was expanded from max 32 posters to 41 due to the large number of high quality submissions. This resulted, unfortunately, in rather limited space for people to stand around them. This was also pointed out in the evaluation.

Other examples of suggestions for improvements were related to the size of the screen for the oral presentations and/or instructions to the presenters to use a bigger font size and more time to sign up for the Network Plus (scheduled B2B meetings). The recommendation to use large font sizes will be included in the speaker instructions. It was the first time that we tried Network Plus but since we have only received good feedback our idea is to incorporate the signing up procedure with the online registration.

Thank you for taking your time to give valuable feedback and see you at REGATEC 2017.

The REGATEC Conference team

Network Plus – REGATEC 2016

REGATEC 2016 will be the first edition of the conference offering the possibilities for scheduled B2B meetings. The meetings take place during one hour (17:00-18:00) on the 10th of May under the name of Network Plus. Participation is optional but requires signing up in advance.

The procedure contains of three steps

  • An invitation where you have to sign up for Network Plus by giving some info on your background and the type of experts you want to meet. The invitation was sent out on the 21st of April.
  • Selection of the conference delegates you want to meet from the list of participants who have signed up for the Network Plus.
  • The Network Plus coordinator puts together a schedule of meetings based on your requests and by matching backgrounds and interests

For you who have signed up for Network Plus there will be tables available in Learning 1 & 2 just beside the exhibition for short face-to-face meetings. Each meeting is expected to last approx. 8-10 minutes giving you the possibility to talk to 6-8 people. If you haven’t got an invitation it may depend on the following reasons

  • You registered after the deadline, 15th of April
  • Your e-mail was not given during registration
  • The invitation was filtered out by your SPAM programme