Hitachi Zosen Inova new REGATEC 2024 Silver Sponsor and exhibitor

Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is a global cleantech company operating in energy from waste (EfW) and renewable gas. The roots are in Switzerland, where the company was established in 1933 as “L. von Roll Aktiengesellschaft”, later known as Von Roll Inova. Since 2010 the company has been part of the Hitachi Zosen Corporation, one of Japan’s largest industrial and engineering firms and a longstanding partner and licensee of Von Roll Inova. To this day the spirit of a traditional Swiss company combined with the know-how and economic strength of an international group is fostered.

HZI offers technologies for producing biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic natural gas. In combination, HZI provides solutions enabling the efficient use of resources and sustainable energy generation for the decades to come.