The call for posters is open.

A maximum of 20 posters will be accepted for presentation and published in the REGATEC 2020 conference proceedings. Poster proposals meeting the quality requirements are accepted on a first come, first served basis until the maximum number is reached or until 31st of July 2021. Besides the scientific quality and industrial relevance REGATEC strives to get a good international mix of poster presenters and at the same time respect the gender equality.

Please use the Abstract template for the proposal.
If you have problems to open a .docx document you can try the Word 97-2003  version of the abstract template.


  • Renewable methane (compressed or liquefied) as vehicle fuel
  • Anaerobic digestion, gas cleaning and upgrading
  • Cryogenic upgrading and/or liquefaction
  • Biomass gasification, syngas cleaning, methanation, CHP production and industrial use
  • Syngas fermentation
  • Power-to-gas

Send the poster proposal to Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

ACCEPTED POSTERS (and registered poster presenter)
Biomethane potential characterization of drift seaweed in the northwestern Spanish coast
Santiago Barreiro Vescovo, Energylabs

Optimizing anaerobic co-digestion in an existing Wastewater Treatment Plant
Karin Florencio Pérez, Sorigué

Trace Compounds Analysis in Biomethane: High Pressure Preconcentration by Adsorption Followed by Thermodesorption-GC-MS
Aurore Lecharlier, Université de Pau et Pays de l’Adour (UPPA, Pau, France) – IPREM (Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for Environment and Materials – CNRS / UPPA

Ceramic TiO2-foams with nanostructured Ni-based catalytic coatings for Power-to-Gas applications
Alwin Heupel, Universität Siegen

Biological conversion of energetic gases to biomethane
Dana Pokorna, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Removal of sulfur species from gas streams using graphene-supported sorbents 
Josemaria Sanchez-Hervas, CIEMAT

Alkali activated metakaolin for the production of adsorbents for biogas upgrading
Kristine Vegere, Technical University of Riga

New applications in renewable energies utilising a proven CO2 Removal Technology
Walter Giacopini, GM-GREENMETHANE

Surpassing limitations in ex situ biomethanation: A microbial management and flexibility investigation
Washington Logroño, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ