3 MAY 2018

11:00-12:00 Registration
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Status and potential of biomethane
Dr. Jörgen Held & Prof. Frank Scholwin
Welcome and practical details
Dr. Olivier Guerrini, Industrial Director ENGIE
Status and outlook of biomethane in France
Dr. Jan Stambasky, President European Biogas Association
Status and outlook of biomethane in Europe
Ms. Beate Raabe, Secretary General Eurogas
The European gas industry´s view on renewable methane
14:30-15:30 Coffee break and poster session
15:30-17:00 Plenary session on renewable methane and synergies between different production routes
Dr. Maria Grahn, Director of Energy Area of Advance, Chalmers University of Technology
Electro-methane: integration aspects and cost estimates
Prof. em. Kornél L. Kovacs, Hungarian Biogas Association
Rearrangements of the mixed microbial community in fed-batch power-to-gas reactors
Mr. Julien Chauvet, ENGIE Cofely H2 France
Project WoodHy, innovative green hydrogen production from wood
17:00-18:00 Network Plus
19:30 Welcome drink
20:00-22:00 Conference Dinner
22:00-23:00 Mingle

4 MAY 2018

09:00-10:00 Small scale biogas cleaning and upgrading
Dr. Marco Linders, TNO
A novel electrochemical process for H2S removal from biogas
MSc. Daniel Safai, University of Stuttgart
Biogas upgrading with polymer resins in a technical scale plant 
Syngas cleaning

Prof. Ange Nzihou, RAPSODEE
Advances in syngas cleaning
Dr. Xin Tu, University of Liverpool
Novel low temperature plasma-catalytic process for gas cleaning

10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:00 Power-to-gas – new approaches
Dr. Ramona Schröer, Fraunhofer IEE
Power-to-gas and Biogas – a smart combination for the future energy system
Prof. Sandra Esteves, University of South Wales
High rate biomethane delivered by mixed microbial cultures
MSc. Vincent Guerré, CEO ENOSIS
Different ways on coupling P2G with anaerobic digestion – the HyCaMeBio project
Methanation of syngas incl. Power-to-gas (Chair: David Balussou)
Dipl.-Ing. Sebatian Fendt, TU München
Latest research on small-scale methanation in combined systems at TUM
Dr Pekka Simell, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
Highlights of the Soletair demonstration and the new methanation reactor development
Dr. Camel Makhloufi, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN
Power-to-gas through high temperature electrolysis and methanation
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Innovative concepts
Dr. Sander Reijerkerk, AROL ENERGY SAS
AE-AMINE: An innovative chemical scrubbing technology for biomethane production
MSc. Daniel Tamm, Research Institutes of Sweden
Ash filter for novel concepts for the production of liquefied biogas
Dr. Wolfgang Merkle, University of Hohenheim
High pressure anaerobic digestion
Gasification projects in pilot, demo and commercial scale
Mr. Jens Dall Bentzen, CEO Dall Energy
Low emission & fuel flexible gasification system
MSc. Magnus Nelsson Folkelid, Cortus
WoodRoll® – Green syngas for demanding process industry methanation
Dr. Massimiliano Materazzi, University College London
Production of BioSNG from waste: the GoGreenGas case in the UK
14:30-15:30 Coffee break and poster session
15:30-17:15 Cryogenic upgrading and liquefaction
MSc. Benjamin Berg, Cryo Pur
First farm-based biogas to bio-LNG plant – the Greenville Energy Project
Dr. Knud Tybirk, Biogas 2020 Project manager and CEO Samsø Biogas IVS
Micro-scale biogas liquefaction – the Samsø case, the technology and market aspects
Dr. Lorenzo Maggioni, Consorzio Italiano Biogas e Gassificazione
The present and future of LBG in Italy
Dr. Jörgen Held & Prof. Frank Scholwin
Summary and closing of the conference

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