CarbonScape new exhibitor

As global demand for electric vehicles skyrockets, so does the need for lithium-ion batteries to power them.

But the graphite anode in these batteries – up to 30% of total weight – is one of the largest carbon dioxide emitters in the battery raw material supply chain.

CarbonScape produces sustainable biographite anode material from renewable timber and forestry industry waste. The company is on a mission to replace climate-damaging fossil graphites in EV batteries.

CarbonScape’s patented technology, now being commercialised in key EV markets, will shake up the rapidly growing graphite anode industry. The biographite can be produced anywhere feedstocks are available, removing the battery industry’s reliance on China, which currently controls 91% of graphite anode manufacturing capacity.

This meets new government targets and incentives in the key EV centres of the EU and North America to localise and decarbonise supply chains – something mined and traditional synthetic graphites never will.