Biogas Academy new exhibitor

The Biogas Academy promotes biogas as means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the air and water quality, produce clean energy, contribute to organic farming, create more job opportunities, improve security of energy supply and prosperity within farming and in regions outside the larger cities.

The Biogas Academy has taken actions to disseminate and brand biogas. The ambition is to raise public awareness of all the benefits and how biogas is part of our daily lifes, and create biogas ambassadors.

If the most promising solutions are to be deployed worldwide the knowledge how to create such solutions and systems must increase. The biogas stakeholders have to become better to show how a smarter society functions. How to throw you garbage, which cars run on biogas etc..

The Biogas Academy is a professional network of people, who beside their normal work, want to do what they can to tackle the climate change.

Biogas AcademyTo the left, the Biogas logotype developed and branded by the Biogas Academy.